Northern Youth Theatre Company is a non profit making organisation set up to provide a varied range

of performance opportunities that showcase the talents and abilities of the North's young performers.

Established only recently in 2014, our mission is to support and enhance the existing dance, drama,

or vocal training the young performer is participating in, encouraging and supporting the individual

performers' technical training throughout the region.

With the company split in to two performance age ranges, 12-14 years and 15-21 years, we will have

both mixed age range cast productions and specific age appropriate productions. Working on an

audition based and project-driven model we will develop an exciting range of productions in a

traditional theatre environment as well as in unique performance spaces, providing as much diversity

and range of theatrical experiences for the young performers, so as to showcase their talent, nurture

their ambitions and inspire their performance careers.

Set up and managed by a group of working professionals and passionate volunteers, NYTC offers a

unique environment in which young performers can nurture their talent, be inspired to take on new

challenges, and have a platform to grow and excel as a performer. As creative and production, as well

as management and business professionals, we are bringing a multitude of diverse skills, ideas and

experiences to the organisation.

Our approach reflects the industry as a potential work environment

and we offer support and guidance for those looking to go into full time training or professional work.

We are very fortunate and honoured that such talented and experienced professionals are happy to

support and contribute to our organisations development and ongoing performance program. The

Talent and experience from these industry professionals is invaluable to the young performer and we

thank them for their generosity of spirit, their passion and their ongoing support and contributions.

We also have ongoing relationships with professional training organisations to offer direct links to

further training and education, and along with the many professionals in the Theatre, Entertainment,

and Arts Industries and we will have created an exciting foundation from which to create, develop and

produce a varied range of Performance Workshops, Theatrical Productions and Arts and

Entertainment Events.

Our event program covers a broad range of performance, workshop, clinic and mentoring events. All

created to showcase, support, enhance and inspire the young performer. Our aim is to engage,

entertain and enlighten our audiences to the passion and delight of our companies talents and


Our aim is to encourage as many young people as possible to experience the wonderful benefits the

Theatre possesses and what it can offer a young developing mind. A physical, emotional and

engaging journey of discovery, that's social, challenging, exciting and fun!

We are currently in the process of gaining Charitable Status