NYTC Performing Arts - Membership & Production Details.

Membership Fee

NYTC, 'the company' is a non profitable organisation and is set up and run as a charitable organisation and the team at NYTC are giving their time and professional expertise voluntarily.

As a member of NYTC Performing Arts Company there will be an annual membership fee to pay. This fee will go towards providing rehearsal & performance space, admin expenses, insurance etc and everything else that is required to run the youth company.

The yearly membership fee is £125.00 per member, with a family discount for siblings to £100 for the second and subsequent children. Associate Member (Under 12) £75

We also understand that it's not aways possible to pay out large sums at any one time and so we have put in place some payment options. So if you would like to discus a payment plan with NYTC please contact us on

In addition we also offer bursaries for those who qualify.

Membership includes:

Priority booking on any NYTC professional workshops and Master Classes.
Reduced rate for workshops / events / performances.
Access to ex/working professionals, support and mentoring
Exclusivity for auditions and casting in NYTC shows
Introduction to professional training, management and agents
Invitations to Industry showcases, performances and events.

Production Fee

We have set out an annual program of performances that will see us producing 3-4 major productions a year

along with workshop performances and showcase productions. In addition we will also endeavour to include the

company in 3rd party productions and performances wherever possible.

Therefore each production will incur a "show fee". This will differ and will depend upon the type, size of,

production/venue etc. But on average runs between £150 and £200 per show.

This fee, will again like the membership fee, go towards providing suitable rehearsal space for the production as

well as the cost of performing the shows at the chosen venue. It will help to cover production costs,

performance insurance, licences (shows, music, scripts) , etc.

Future plans are to try and access funding for performances and/or running costs, as well as commercial

support, etc.. If this is achieved, this will then be reflected in reduced future show fees. If you should have any

problems or queries, please don't hesitate to speak to us.

Thanks NYTC TEAM. We hope you can be part of our Company

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